Friday, June 25, 2010


I didn't get a chance to post Timmy's story before his birthday so I am going to post now after his birthday.
Timmy was a big surprise to his daddy and I. We had not planned on having any more children, but God had another idea. I found out I was pregnant with him on the day of Bradie's Birthday party in Nov. 2005. I was shocked and wasn't to happy about it. I hated being pregnant and I didn't have good luck when I was pregnant.
When it comes to Timmy he was probably my most normal pregnancy. I was of course very sick the first several months, but after month 6 I was able to get through a work day with 30 trips to the bathroom. He moved around just like the books all say and he grew like they said- not to fast and not to slow. My first ultrasound showed him as being due on July 5, 2006~ well once again I didn't think that they had it correct. I had figured it up and he was due in my opinion on June 25. I know that isn't that many day but if you were around me when I was pregnant the month of June was going to be miserable. and it was.

I started having labor pains the beginning of June and went to the hospital a couple of times, I thought that my water was leaking once and who knows what else. I finally gave up going to the hospital but I knew I could work on my doctor. Timmy was a scheduled C-sec just like his brothers were and it was set for June 30. I went to an appt at the start of June and said this is nuts to go through all of this pain and being uncomfortable if I was a csection and the doctor agreed. She would not go ahead and take him but she would move it up a week . Well that put it on June 23, but she was going on vacation that day so it would have to be June 22. I said that wouldn't work bc I felt like him and Grant should have their own bdays not have to shared with their brother. She agreed and came in on the 23 before they left for vacation to deliver.

Timothy David Holben was born on June 23, 2006 at 8:23 am weighing in at 8 lbs 8oz and 20 in. long.

Happy Birthday to my baby boy Timmy!!! i love you so much and am so glad that God decided we needed to have another baby boy.

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